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What Is A Faux Exit?

Let’s talk about a faux exit. What are they and should you plan one for your wedding? For those wondering, it’s pronounced “fō”. I didn’t actually know that at first, which just goes to show that the English language is not phonetic no matter how hard I try and make it that way. 😉

A faux exit is literally a false exit and can be done in place of a real exit if time does not permit for your photographer to stay all night. If you’re wanting to party the evening away, but you don’t really want to have to pay a photographer to stick around for 4-6 hours of party dancing photos, then a faux exit would be a good option to go with! After all, sparkler exits are so cool and fun that you don’t want to miss having it captured just because you’re not planning to leave your party until midnight.

This type of exit can be done many different ways. It can be done in the last 30 minutes of your photographer’s allotted time with you. Or, if your ceremony and reception are in two different places, you could plan your faux exit as you leave the ceremony location. You could even have multiple faux exits! Have you thought of doing confetti after you’ve been pronounced “husband and wife”, then doing a sparkler exit once it gets dark? Faux exits can be done with all of your guests, or it can just include your family and wedding party for a more intimate exit. Either are good and you can choose based on what you want!

Grant and I did sparklers for our nighttime exit, but I didn’t realize how truly creative you can be with your departure. You could have paper hearts, bubbles, rose petals, dried lavender, confetti, streamers, ribbon wands, sprinkles, glow sticks, flying lanterns…the list goes on! Really, there’s an unlimited amount of options available to you as you develop your own, unique exit strategy. That’s the fun in planning your own wedding! 🙂

Our pro tip for you if you’re wondering what you should do for your wedding? Do a faux exit if you’re wanting to party the night away because you truly only need about an hour of party dancing photographed. No need to pay us hours of party dancing of the same thing as you’re highly unlikely to print those images anyway.

There you have it! So, what are your thoughts on faux exits??

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