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There are many reasons why Grant and I chose to specialize in wedding photography, but today I want to write about what is probably the biggest reason: marriage is important to us! It is a lifetime commitment and we want to see others succeed in it.

How can we play a part in that success? Grant and I want to have more than just the title of wedding photographers, we want to be people that come alongside our couples as they prepare for marriage and those first several years as husband and wife. We want to encourage them and share how incredible life can be with your spouse! We want to inspire them to make those date nights happen and to make time for each other, truly loving and cherishing as they have vowed to do. We want to be strong supporters of our couples’ marriages.

Grant and I are certainly not pros when it comes to marriage. I know many people would say, “You’re still in the honeymoon phase!” And we are! But we have also learned lots and made many mistakes in the past two years. We mess up a lot, we disagree, we get our feelings hurt. We also know what works for us to make it right, and that we are called to love each other unconditionally, not only when the other person meets our expectations. We want to encourage our couples to do the same.

Marriage is hard, but it’s also beautiful.

We want to be an example to our couples of how wonderful marriage can be! Just think about it, marriage is pretty incredible. You get to marry your best friend and spend the rest of your life getting to know everything about them. Maybe you travel the world together. Maybe you both love evenings at home where you’re just together. Maybe you love working out together. This is the one person who will know everything about you, quirks and all, and still love you! Isn’t that awesome?!

Grant and I love being together. We love photographing weddings together and reliving those memories and vows we took almost two years ago. We love to travel together and see the world through each other’s eyes. We love being best friends. We want to see our couples enjoy those same things! We want them to work through the difficult times and learn to cherish each other more because of it.

And now you know of just one of the reasons we’re wedding photographers. 🙂

Wedding Photography and Marriage. Anniversary Photos

We also believe in getting anniversary pictures taken because how epic is this picture?! Check out our anniversary blog post to see more and be encouraged to get your 1 year photos taken! 🙂 Photo Credit: studiolb


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