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Val Marie Paper Prayer Journal

A couple weeks ago, I did an Instagram story on the new Val Marie Paper prayer journal that Grant and I have started using. I received several questions about it and decided to describe it in a blog post instead of an Instagram story that disappears after 24 hours. 

Grant and I had never used a prayer journal before, so this was a first for us. My mom used a 6 month VMP prayer journal and recommended it. Then Emily, a bride of ours, also recommended it as something she uses daily and takes every where she goes. I felt like since two people had recommended them, it was something I should check out. 🙂

I’ll be honest. My prayer life has been lacking greatly. I don’t often take advantage of this amazing communication we can have with God. I would pray randomly throughout the day, but never spent focused time in prayer and adoration.

Praying to God is more than just thanking him for the day we had or to get through a rough situation. It’s about talking to God! It’s about adoring who He is as our Father. It’s about confessing our sins and our pride that turns us away from God. It’s about interceding and pleading for those who are in need and unable. We do need to thank Him, because He has given us so much more than we deserve or could ever ask. But first and foremost, we need to talk to the One who can make all things new. Whose very presence can bring us fullness of joy. Who can turn our tears into laughter, our mourning into dancing, our sorrow into joy! He is the God we can cry out to in adoration, confession, supplication and thanksgiving!

We’re only a few weeks into our prayer journals and we love them! The world tries so hard to distract us from what’s truly important. I think Valerie says it best in her introduction to her prayer journal:

“Our world is loud. It’s distracting and it’s fighting to keep us from that communion with God. So this journal was designed to be a practical tool that helps focus your heart.”

This year, Grant and I decided that we were going to make prayer more of a daily habit and take advantage of the opportunity we have to communicate with God on a daily basis. To be more intentional in praying for others and in adoring this God who is our Creator and King.

Grant and I went with the gray and navy prayer journals. These are the yearly prayer journals, but there’s also a 6 month journal that is paperback if you prefer that type.
The conversation starter is where you can write out your prayer. I didn’t think I would use this much, but decided it was a good way to write out a prayer that was only in praise and adoration to God.
I love this gratitude section. There are over 1000 blank lines for you to write 1000 gifts/gratitudes. It’s taken from Ann Voskamp’s book: One Thousand Gifts. Super great book and one I highly recommend. It forces us to be grateful on a daily basis as we’re reminded of how much we have.

I hope this post has increased your interest in checking out this prayer journal. I encourage you to consider purchasing one if you feel like making changes in your prayer life. It’s definitely been amazing for Grant and me, and we would love to hear others are benefiting from this as well! I’ve attached the links to where you can buy these prayer journals and also be sure to check out Val Marie Paper on Instagram! 🙂

Order your prayer journal here
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Also, styling details were from my mom’s house. She probably thought I was crazy stealing flowers and leaves from her vases to take these pictures. 😉 Love you Mom!

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