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Unplugged Ceremony

You want your wedding to be everything you ever imagined. You also never want to get to the end of your day and wish you had done one thing (even if it’s small) differently. This is how we feel about an unplugged ceremony. It’s a small change, but one we feel can make a big difference.

We planned our wedding quickly (in 12 days! If you haven’t read that post yet, check it out here), and it was more perfect than we could ever have hoped! One thing we did regret though, was not planning an unplugged ceremony. Truth be told, I didn’t know much about it and it was a small detail that slipped by without much thought. All it would’ve taken was one announcement at the beginning of our ceremony, or a sign for guests to see as they arrived. But I was clueless on it.

An unplugged ceremony is simply asking guests to put away their phones, cameras, iPad’s, etc. during your ceremony. To sit back and be present in the moment.

I’m a huge lover of photos (because “wedding photographer” didn’t clue you in to that;) and I want you to love your photos. When I look back at photos of my walk down the aisle with my dad, I immediately see the phones, iPad and video camera. Every single photo. It was after seeing those photos that I wished we had made a point to ask our guests to put away their devices. We had an amazing photographer who captured such awesome photos so no one else needed to have their phones out. I still love those photos and love the memories captured, but it does catch my eye every time I see them. I can’t help but wish I’d had an unplugged ceremony.

Because of our experience, Grant and I always make a point to talk to our couples about planning an unplugged ceremony. Maybe you never thought of it, or would never have noticed the phones/iPad’s in your photos. As wedding photographers, we want to give you the absolute best, and if that means sharing an experience with you, then we’re all for that! We never want you to look back at your photos and wish someone had told you.

So, while it’s a small thing and one that definitely wouldn’t ruin your wedding, we still feel it’s worth sharing. Maybe you’re like us and haven’t thought about it. Maybe you’re on top of things and have already planned it all out, which is great! Or, maybe you’ve opted to not have an unplugged ceremony because you want your guests to have that freedom, and that’s fine too! It’s your special day and we want it to be everything you ever wanted.

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