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The HGP Couple

HGP Couple, STL Fall Wedding in Downtown, Missouri Wedding Photographers

“The HGP (Hillary & Grant Photography) Couple” is a specific title we have given to our couples that we have the privilege of photographing. While each of our couples are unique and have personalities that are all different, they have sweetly chosen us to photograph their day and we couldn’t be more happy to be part of their lives.

But why exactly did we give them a title? While each is different, there are certain things that our brides and grooms have that we love. Our couples value marriage and each other. Our couples love being together and are not only excited for their wedding, but the marriage that will begin after that day. They love laughter, having fun and exploring life together. They value photography because they know the images from their wedding will be a reminder of their commitment to each other. They want their kids and grandkids to be able to relive their wedding day exactly how it happened. To see the love they had for each other in the beginning still there despite the years.

Our couples are special and mean a lot to us, and not every bride and groom who inquires with us is an HGP couple. Our couples want us to be part of their life and we love getting to know them! I mean, when engagement sessions last till it’s too dark to see each other, or when it’s been 2 hours and you hardly noticed because you’re having so much fun visiting, that is what it means to be an HGP Couple! We hit it off immediately and are friends despite the fact that we just met. Seriously, I think our couples are just about the greatest people ever and I love that we get to be part of their life! 🙂

I also have to say how much I love being at each of our HGP couple’s weddings! I love seeing the bride’s details and getting to see her excitement in the morning as she gets ready. I love having the privilege of watching the groom tear up and look in awe as he sees his bride for the first time. I love how fun the bridal party is and seeing them celebrate their best friends. As I listen to the vows, you can guarantee I’m usually smiling and very likely tearing up at the excitement, love and extreme happiness that our couples are showing. Weddings are so much fun and I’m so happy that Grant and I get to celebrate with so many couples on their special day! Just writing this makes me super excited for our winter break to be over and back to photographing weddings! 🙂

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