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The Engagement Rings of 2019!

If you’ve followed us on social media for any length of time, you know my love for any and all engagement rings. Whether it’s an engagement session or wedding, I’m always excited to photograph that ring! I’ll do what it takes to capture your ring in all it’s essence and beauty, and I’ll have a blast doing it! Grant has been known to laugh as I lay on the ground or crouch in some bushes to get a perfect ring shot. 😉

There is something so amazing at being able to get that shot of your engagement ring. We’re talking about the ring your best friend, fiancé (or maybe husband now!) found and bought for you! The one ring he used to take your relationship to the next level and you happily said yes! It doesn’t matter the size, shape or color, what matters is that it signifies a change in your life that is going to be one of your greatest adventures.

Each ring is different and they all come with a story. That story is yours and it is unique just like the two of you! Maybe your ring was custom-made or maybe you handpicked it out, but what is so neat is that now that ring is on your finger and it’s signifying a new life together. While I realize that the ring doesn’t keep or hold a relationship/marriage together, I love that it’s just a small way we outwardly show our commitment to each other. So ladies, show that ring off because it is gorgeous!! And, if you’re an #hgpcouple, just know you’ll get a lot of ring photos in your engagement and wedding gallery, because I just can’t help myself. 😉

Do you love ring shots?? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the engagement rings of 2019!

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