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TGC 2018 Women’s Conference

A week ago, I had the pleasure of going to The Gospel Coalition 2018 Women’s Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. I had never been to a women’s conference before. It blew me away the amount of women there all coming together with one mind: to learn and grow in the Word. Eight thousand women had signed up from all over the world. Twenty-seven countries to be exact! All coming together because of a love they have for the Lord. There’s something about that mutual love for Christ that makes me want to tear up. So many women singing together in praise and adoration to the Lord. Women from all areas and walks of life taking time to spend in learning and worshiping God.

For three days, we studied the book of Deuteronomy. We had the privilege to hear multiple, amazing speakers expound that book of the Bible. Never have I been more challenged to study the Old Testament books. Knowing that I will see Christ throughout every chapter. Studying the bible has always been hard for me. How do you begin to really study an ancient book where the language is so different at times? What a reward though to study to see Jesus!

If you’re like me, it’s easy to look to scripture to see how we can be a better person. While that is all good because we should strive to be like Christ, it’s not the answer. I should be pouring my heart into it with the hope of seeing Jesus! To learn more of this Creator who has blessed me and poured out His grace to an underserving sinner. My God sent His Son to die on the cross in my place. He then rose again, conquering death for all time. Because of Him, I have been set free. Because of Him, I will one day spend all eternity in praising Him. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

I am still trying to process those three days. How does one recap a weekend packed full of gospel truth? All of which I needed to hear! My notes don’t even seem to do it justice as I go through them. And I’ll be honest, when I heard they were covering Deuteronomy, I thought, “I wish it were a more interesting book of the Bible.” I know, shame on me. Little did I know though, how much God would open my eyes to how truly wonderful His Word is. Sure, I knew the Bible was amazing and I believe the entirety of it, but there’s a difference between reading the Bible and really studying it. I had always struggled to use my quiet time as a time that was spent digging deep into God’s Word. What is He really saying, and how does it reflect who He is as a great and awesome God? Do I use my quiet time to feel better about myself because God will see that I made time for Him? When in reality, all I am doing is marking something off a checklist and not even getting to know this wonderful Creator.

After this last weekend, I have a new desire to really study the entire Bible with new eyes. To not just read it as if I’m reading an interesting story from back in the day, but as a child of God wanting to learn more of her Father. To dig in and see who this Creator is that has blessed me so richly.

I learned so much throughout that entire conference that has spoken to me in so many ways. And if you’re wondering, I loved that it was over Deuteronomy! It was incredible to see how loving and gracious a God we serve even when we rebel and turn away from Him. If you haven’t ever read Deuteronomy, than I encourage you to and to really read what is written. It’s easy to think how ridiculous the Israelites were in constantly complaining at God even though he had just blessed them so much. And yet, that is me! How quickly I complain over what God has done and yet, He has graciously given me so much!

I could seriously keep on writing about how amazing this conference was and how much God opened my eyes to see. But I think I should spare you all a little. If you care to hear more though, don’t hesitate to ask to meet up for coffee to talk! 🙂

And these may not be the greatest photos as they were taken with my phone, but enjoy them anyway! 😉

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