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Random Facts You May Not Know About Us

For this week’s blog post, we thought a few random facts about us might be a good way to change things up and to let you all get to know us better. Some of these you may have heard us talk about on Instagram, but a few things are completely and totally random. 😉 We hope you will enjoy!

  1. Grant has only ever owned Ford pickups and he keeps telling me he’s going to sell my Chevy car. I just tell him my car beats his in mpg. 😉
  2. We love to workout and run, but are not always motivated to do so. Grant prefers working out in the evening, while I prefer mornings.
  3. Grant loves any type of animal, and every time we drive somewhere he is always pointing out birds on trees, deer in fields, and every single dog being walked by their owner. He is often able to call out the exact breed, where that breed came from and what it was bred for. Dogs are obviously his favorite.
  4. I could eat dessert every single evening and be perfectly happy with that. Grant, however, would say protein is more important and prefers to eat more of a carnivorous diet.
  5. Grant hunted once as a child and decided he was “too much of a softy” for that. He now has taken up hunting again to obtain natural, organic meat and be more thankful for the animal. He hated being a blind consumer and not knowing where the meat in the store came from, or how the animal was treated. He is still a softy though, and while hunting he always ends up taking more shots with his camera than with his gun. 🙂
  6. If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know how much we love our coffee/Starbucks. But it wasn’t always that way. Grant never used to drink coffee until we started dating and I got him hooked on caramel lattes. Now his favorite drink is a Nitro Cold Brew with Salted Cream Cold Foam. It’s a mouthful, but if you’ve never had one you need to try it! But just be forewarned, it’s full of caffeine and addicting. 😉 My favorite is still a White Chocolate Mocha (hot or iced).
  7. Because of our schedule, Grant and I are often able to cook dinner together, which we love! It’s also a great time to turn up the music and dance. At least for me it is. Still waiting for Grant to really join in and not just laugh at me. 😉
  8. Quality Time is our love language, but we’re very different when it comes to it. I (as an introvert) prefer the evenings at home together either cuddling on the couch and watching a movie or talking. I also love the time we get to spend together in the truck driving to shoots. Grant, on the other hand, (as an extrovert) would say any time that we’re together and doing something is his favorite. This could mean hiking with friends or working on the farm together.
  9. I thought I was adventurous, but Grant is definitely more so! He loves to climb anything, hike anywhere, and ride dirt bikes all over. I have a little more fear and tend to process the possible injuries that could ensue from doing too much. Also, I’ve not mastered how to use a clutch on a dirt bike and think manufacturers should’ve left that out and made all motorcycles automatic. 😉
  10. Grant and I know absolutely nothing about building houses, but we want to build our own home someday.
  11. I’m thoroughly convinced that Grant is good at basically everything he does. When we ran our first half marathon together it was my seventh or eighth and only his first, yet he was the one encouraging me to keep going. I don’t think he even broke a sweat that race and he managed to eat two bbq sandwiches afterwards while I simply managed to not puke. He really is quite impressive. The last race we ran he was singing me a song while I was just trying to focus on one foot in front of the other.
  12. Grant was involved in a lot of sports growing up. I did music lessons instead.
  13. I was homeschooled while Grant went to a tiny public school. We’re both totally normal people. 😉
  14. After dating for a year and a half, we were married 12 days after our engagement and are so happy we decided to have a short engagement and a small wedding down on his grandparents’ farm. We also managed to get a great photographer in that short amount of time (my main priority for our wedding). 🙂
  15. We’re usually in bed by around 9:00, but occasionally we’re rebels and stay up till 10. 😀 This is only true when we’re not working the ambulance or weddings, in which case we’re usually out much later.
  16. On our 1 year anniversary, we did some camping (along with hotel stays because #shower) and stayed in a one-person tent. It made for some fun times, but we’ve decided a two person tent might be nicer. 😉
  17. I used to work at a coffee shop for a while (it was what got me addicted to coffee), and Grant showed up once and ordered a coffee and then left me a $20 tip! We were just friends at the time, but I still remember that! I split the $20 with the other barista’s. 😉
  18. Grant and I used to write each other little notes while working on the ambulance. We still have them. 🙂
  19. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple, we spent the afternoon working a structure fire and the evening working a grass fire covering several acres. Our “dinner” was a slice of Little Ceasars pizza that someone brought to us while out on the grass fire. There was no dessert that night. It actually was a fun day together, despite our eyes burning from smoke and being completely exhausted at the end of the day.
  20. Grant claims I can read 87 pages a minute to his 12 pages a hour….but let’s be honest, he’s not getting 12 pages in. 😉 JK! I definitely can’t get 87 pages an hour in, but maybe my sisters can. 😉

We hope you enjoyed these random facts in a random order! 😉 Comment and let us know if you can relate to any of these facts or if you learned something new about us! 🙂

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