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Our Two Year Anniversary

Grant and I recently celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. Two years of loving each other and growing together as a couple. While that may not seem long and we may still be in that “honeymoon phase,” we couldn’t be happier with our life together. We’re also just a little over a week shy of our 11 year anniversary of the first time we met. Neither one of us knew that walking into that classroom would change our lives, and that years later we would end up happily married.

Marriage is beautiful and we love that we get to share each other’s joys and struggles. There is no one else I would rather have by my side as we grow a business together and travel around seeing the world. If it weren’t for the occasional shifts we work on the ambulance keeping us apart, we would not go a day without being together. We love just being together as much as possible. And that’s something we strive to, by God’s grace, never let change about us.

So, what have we learned in two years of marriage? Well, we’re opposites in a lot of things! Probably the biggest difference between us is that I want to eat dessert every evening and Grant just wants meat all the time.  Ok, maybe that’s not the biggest difference, but it is big! 😉 But we’re also the same in a lot of areas. Like how we both dream big and are always coming up with “million dollar” ideas. We do have a great life and I’m so blessed to be part of it with Grant! Probably the biggest thing I’ve learned is what an amazing and incredible man I married. I’m seriously the luckiest girl ever! If it’s been a busy business week, Grant tells me to work on editing or whatever else needs done while he cleans, does laundry, cooks food (all carnivore…;-) and he never once complains! Grant is one of those selfless people who lives to serve others in whatever areas they need help. And he does it cheerfully and wholeheartedly! But even more than that, Grant loves deeply and is a wonderful example of what a Christ-like husband should be. I’m so thankful for him and love that God placed us in that class together almost 11 years ago, knowing that we needed each other.

This year we decided to spend our anniversary in New Mexico, and it was incredible! Ok, maybe besides the heat. Going in July may not have been the best idea, but we just spent a lot of time indoors watching movies and taking naps, which is very rare for us! 🙂

We love finding new places to go, and if there is a great scenic location for photos, then we’re really all in for that! (We might take recommendations on epic photo locations for next year, so let us know where we should go!) White Sands National Monument made the cut this year, and once again, we were able to find a photographer in New Mexico willing to travel two hours to come and take our photos! Erin was fantastic and so much fun to work with! Honestly, we needed more time because I think we could’ve spent several hours just talking and getting to know each other! Erin, thank you for making time in your schedule right after you got back from vacation to photograph us on our actual anniversary! You were amazing and I’m so happy we got to meet and hang out! 🙂

Check out last year’s anniversary photos in South Dakota here!

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