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Nicole | Bridal Session At COCOS Studio

Just over a month has passed since I had the privilege of taking these bridal portraits of Nicole at COCOS, a cute little studio in St. Louis that I highly recommend to my fellow photographers. Nicole is married now, so I can finally share these lovely photos!

This bridal session was really special because, not only did I get to hang out with Nicole and chat about wedding plans, but I was also able to meet and spend time with her mom. Usually when I meet the mother of the bride it’s on the wedding day when everything is super crazy and rushed, so I really enjoyed this opportunity to spend quality time with both of them in a relaxed, calm environment. That relaxed environment is a huge reason why I love bridal sessions so much. Nicole was able to do a trial run of her hair and makeup, get all dressed up in her gorgeous dress, and take bridal portraits that we normally don’t have the luxury of taking in the midst of wedding day chaos and time restrictions. We’re all about slowing down and getting to know our people, while also giving our brides an excuse to wear their wedding dress and feel beautiful in front of the camera one extra time.

Please enjoy this little preview of Nicole’s bridal portraits. We would love to do more of these, so let us know in the comments if you’re interested in your own bridal session!

Studio: COCOS
HAMU: Looks By Lisa

If you happened to miss seeing the blog post of their wedding, you can view it here.

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