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Nate & Emily | Boone Monument Village Engagement Session

Every couple hopes to have the perfect venue for their dream wedding, and that’s just what Nate and Emily found in the Boone Monument Village! They knew it was an ideal location from the very beginning, but the more they learned about it, the more meaningful it became.

Not only are all the buildings picture perfect, but the grounds are meticulously maintained and dotted with beautiful willow trees!! The first cabin was built there in 1799 and became home to relatives of none other than Daniel Boone and his wife Rebecca. As Nate and Emily toured the grounds, they discovered that the small school building where they will be holding the ceremony was originally built in 1840 in Erie, Pennsylvania, the town that Emily’s family is originally from! Now it stands at the highest point on the grounds and will be where the two will say, “I do.”

This fantastic couple met in elementary school where Nate was Emily’s grade school crush. They were friends throughout all their school days, always feeling like there could be more, but never quite clicking. They went off to college and then reconnected back in their home town. This time the timing was perfect! A relationship sparked and has grown into more than they could have ever imagined! Emily is now currently in Physicians Assistant School and Nate is also pursuing further education in the medical field in addition to working as a hunting videographer and photographer!! 

As we moved on to Emily’s family farm for golden hour portraits, we found the light to be streaming through a perfect grove of trees with soft golden rays. Nate and Emily fit together like two puzzle pieces and there was no need to even pose them. They held each other close, naturally looking in each other’s eyes. Hillary and I captured every moment we could as the sun slowly sank in the sky. In the last few moments of light Nate and Emily paddled out into their pond in a small boat for a beautiful scene that could have been straight out of “The Notebook”!! The way Nate and Emily interact, hold each other close and how full of life they are, makes Hillary and me so excited to be a part of their big day. I’m sure its going to be one amazing memory!! 

Nate & Emily, thank you so much for hanging out with us for the evening and giving us the chance to get to know you both better! We had a blast and we can’t wait for your wedding in July at the Boone Monument Village!

Nate & Emily’s Wedding Venue

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