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Matthew & Hannah | A Romantic Engagement

From a first meeting at Kayak’s Coffee, Matthew and Hannah’s relationship quickly progressed to a budding friendship that led to one of the most romantic engagement stories we have ever heard! For their engagement photos, the two wanted to relive a little of that first date and start their session with a few shots at the same coffee house! When we arrived, we realized Kayak coffee had undergone a name change and was now Kaldi coffee. At first I was a little sad, and I worried that it would not be as special for Matthew and Hannah. As we met them though, it was clear that the name was not as important as the time spent together on that day. The two showed us where they sat, talked about what they ordered, and it was clear from that moment on that the two of them had something special.

Matthew and Hannah decided on a sunset session at Forest Park following the coffee shop. Their ideal session was one that was more intimate and away from the crowds, to which we happily consented! We enjoyed the easy task of capturing their natural love for each other in such a gorgeous outdoor environment.

Now to fill you in on that romantic engagement story since I know you’re curious. 🙂

Matthew is quite the romantic, and it’s obvious that he put in some serious time and effort into making his proposal special and memorable. It all took place on May 4th of 2019 at Castlewood State Park. Matthew had planned a quaint picnic lunch followed by a hike up to a bluff overlook. Here is how Hannah remembers it:

“After lunch, we got to the top of the ridge and walked over to the bench. He had been sending me ‘songs that remind him of me’ for the past 10 days at random times and said that was going to be our new thing. When we sat down, he told me he had some bad news, he ran out of songs. He is a music teacher and loves music so I said, ‘I don’t understand how you ran out…’ Then he said that he decided to write me one. He took out his phone and played the recording of him playing the piano and then started singing me this beautiful song that he wrote. He was singing kinda loudly and I was a little embarrassed but I let it go because I knew it was the moment and I instantly started crying. Anyway, at the end of the song he got down on one knee and proposed and then I turned around and my friend was there taking pictures! She had been hiding in the woods and he was singing loudly so she would know when it was happening. It was pretty magical!”

That evening, Hannah FaceTimed her closest friends to tell them her happy news. Little did she know that the surprise would continue that following day. Matthew had also planned a surprise party (with the help of her parents) inviting all of those friends that she had called! Hannah was completely surprised, and described it as a perfect weekend. And I think we can all agree that their romantic engagement was just the sweetest! 🙂

Matthew and Hannah, we are so excited for your upcoming marriage! We loved our time with you both and can’t wait until your March wedding! We know it’s going to be perfect, just like your engagement was. 🙂 Enjoy your preview!

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