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Kelly’s Rolla Football Field Senior Session

We spent Sunday afternoon doing senior pictures with my cousin Kelly. I remember this guy when he was a baby and now he’s a senior! I still can’t believe how quickly time flies by. And I was reminded again how Facebook really is for the “older” generation and Instagram and Snapchat are what’s β€œin” for these young seniors. πŸ˜‰

Kelly opted for some photos at the Rolla High School football field where he plays center for the Bulldogs. I enjoy watching football, but am not experienced at the different terms and positions. I had to ask what he did in the center. πŸ˜‰ So, for those of you who are more like me and don’t know, Kelly is the one who snaps the ball to the quarterback at the start of the play. Pretty significant person when it comes to that offensive line! πŸ˜‰

Kelly is a pretty awesome and talented young man. From playing football to dancing on stage in musicals, he is definitely quite the diverse senior! He’s also genuine, caring, and an all around nice guy. Something I remember as unique and special about Kelly (and his brother Kody), is how no matter what, when it comes time to leave, they will always come up and give you a hug. They’ve done it ever since they were kids and even now as teenagers, they still do it.

Kelly, I hope you enjoy your preview! I know senior pictures aren’t as exciting as performing on stage or “snapping” a football to the quarterback, but we’re happy to have had the chance to hang out with you! And thank you for being such an awesome sport about hanging out with us “oldie’s”Β  and having fun with us! You’re quite the young man and we’re so excited to see you pursue your dreams!

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