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Kate & Soizic | Senior Session in Columbia MO

I am so excited to be sharing a preview from Kate and Soizic’s senior session last week! We weren’t sure if this shoot would happen because of heavy thunderstorms in the area the day we were supposed to meet. But, Kate was positive the storms would be gone in time for the session, and she was right! I’m so happy we went ahead with it too! The temperature was gorgeous and we even had some sun that lit everything beautifully. And these two young ladies were simply amazing! I can’t even tell you how much I enjoyed being with them and taking their senior photos! But let’s introduce you to these two beautiful girls before we check out their photos. 🙂

Kate and I are cousins, so I have known her since she was a baby. Because she and her family live a couple hours away in Columbia, Missouri, we had never really been able to spend this much one-on-one time together. Let me just tell you, she is incredible!! So sweet, intelligent and genuine. One of those people you just enjoy being around. 🙂 After high school, she has plans to pursue an Aerospace Engineering degree. NASA had better get ready, because she is going to rock their world! And she may change the world with her space flight inventions! So excited for these next few years, Kate! I have a feeling you will do anything you set your mind to! 🙂

Soizic is from France and a senior spending time here in the US. I believe when she goes back to France she will have another year before she decides on college. She and Kate have become good friends through her short time staying with them. During her session, I asked her how she was enjoying America and she said she loved it. Her English is incredible and I can’t help but just love her accent!! Everything she says sounds so amazing! I loved how, despite her shy personality, she was willing to try anything I asked with a smile. Soizic, maybe someday we will be able to visit you in France and you can laugh as I attempt to say words in French! 🙂

Kate and Soizic, enjoy your preview! We so loved spending the evening with you both! And we look forward to seeing how you pursue your dreams! <3

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