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Joe & Nicole | Missouri Botanical Garden Engagement Shoot

For many couples Missouri Botanical Garden is an ideal spot for a proposal. Immediately the mind fills with thoughts of vibrant florals filling the foreground, large beautiful trees arching over a couple as the man drops to his knee holding up a small box containing the symbol of his undying love, as his fiancée-to-be lights up with excitement.

For Joe and Nicole this was their envision as well, but with one little twist. Joe had planned a trip to Missouri Botanical Garden during the summer concert as a date, which would then lead to his proposal. Although the day had started out sunny and beautiful, a large rainstorm had moved into the area as they arrived to the Garden. Joe was not deterred and the two started their walk together. And as a drenching rain poured all around them Joe pulled the ring from his pocket and kneeled before Nicole. The rain continued to fall as Nicole said YES! Maybe the proposal didn’t go as planned, but these two embraced it. It was clear that no amount of crazy weather could keep these two from being happy and in love with each other.

Fast forward to October 13th 2019 and again Joe holds Nicole tight under the same tree he proposed at. Only this time its for their engagement pictures that we were so lucky to be a part of. During our first emails with Nicole she said that her and Joe loved to be silly and just enjoy being themselves together. What came from that was one of the funnest and funniest engagement shoots to date. These two are seriously on the same wave length as if they each knew what the other was going to say and do for the whole shoot. Posing them was a breeze as we asked them to start a pose, they would just melt together and hold each other so close and tender with a little hidden silliness snuck in every once in a while. Truly an amazing and beautiful engagement session.

Joe and Nicole, we cannot say enough how much we loved spending that Sunday afternoon with you in the Missouri Botanical Garden! We loved seeing your personalties come out during your session and being able to witness your love for each other! Honestly, it was so much fun that we wish we could do it all over again! We hope you enjoy your preview!

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