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Graham & Abbey | Forest Park Engagement Session

As morning joggers started to appear on the trails through Forest Park and the rising sun illuminated Art Hill, Graham and Abbey sat under a tree and cuddled up close together. Abbey was happy to have Graham’s arms around her to keep her warm on this brisk morning engagement photo shoot. When Grant and I first spoke with these two, we knew very quickly that they had a genuine happiness about them and we wanted the opportunity to photograph that joyful love at their wedding. After our initial call was over, I remember turning to Grant and telling him, “I just love them!” 🙂

You can imagine our excitement when they chose a spring, sunrise engagement session in Forest Park. Sunrise sessions are quickly becoming our favorite. Our alarms went off at 4am but we were both already awake and excited about the day! On the drive to Forest Park, the sky was clear and the stars were out. We knew it was going to be a beautiful morning, even though, at 44 degrees, it was a little on the cool side. Posing these two was a dream. They had a chemistry about them, and you could tell they loved being in each other’s arms. Which makes our job easy. 🙂 Also, they showed up to their session dressed to the nines which had me even more excited about their photos! Seriously though, these two are knockouts and you’ll see it from their photos! 🙂

Graham and Abbey, we loved spending our Saturday morning with you and getting to know you both better! I feel like at the end of your session we were just out photographing a couple of our friends, and I love that! Your wedding is going to be so fantastic and we’re excited to be a part of it with you all! Only 5 more months to go!! 😀

  1. Earl and Vicky Phillips says:

    Such great pictures of a GREAT couple. We wish you happiness and a long and happy life together. Congrats to you both and your families:-)

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