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Flatlay Friday | A New Way To Create

Flatlay Friday. Sounds catchy right? Well, it seemed to be the best way to start off year 30 for me! Yep, I am now 30 years old and to celebrate, Grant and I decided to try something new. I wanted to work on flatlays for my birthday and so we made it happen! Then we had such a good time, we decided, “Why not make every Friday (or maybe every other) a “Flatlay Friday!” I know, we go all out on being original and exciting. 😉

Honestly though, why not make the most of this quarantine and really learn a new skill or perfect one that needs improvement. For us, that was flatlays. If you’re curious what a flatlay is, essentially it’s arranging different items on a flat surface and taking a photo from above.

We know that at weddings we don’t always have a lot of time to spend hours creating the most perfect and beautiful flatlay. So, if we practice it frequently, we will get to the point where we’re able to create beautiful flatlays quickly and efficiently no matter what we’re presented with or how much time we have! That’s the idea anyway. We’ve done one day, or more like one weekend. We ended up spending roughly two hours on it Friday, an hour or so on Saturday (showing my nieces how), and then roughly 2 more hours on Sunday. But we had a blast! Even my nieces loved it and wanted to continue to work at it. You’ll see some of their work below. 🙂

So what will you create for Flatlay Friday? This would be a great idea for kids, or even your spouse! Just ask Grant, he enjoyed it just as much as me! So go out, grab yourself some spring blossoms, ribbon, or whatever you would like and create your flatlay! Maybe you do one that is everything that you use for your work on a daily basis now that we’re all working from home. 🙂

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