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Emerson Fields | Missouri Wedding Venue

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a business feature, so I am very excited to share about a favorite wedding venue of ours! Emerson Fields is, hands-down, the best wedding venue in Missouri. No exaggeration. This breathtaking venue boasts of multiple ceremony spots to fit your needs. Whether your dream ceremony takes place indoors under large windows which let in the natural light, outdoors on a lakeside dock, or under an all-white pavilion–the choice is yours! You and your girls will love the all-white “getting ready room” with the deep blue couch–the perfect spot to hang out together while you wait for your ceremony to start.

The best feature about Emerson Fields, in our humble opinion, is the owners, Steve and Amelia. They are incredible to work with because they will do everything they can to make your wedding weekend the best! Steve is the builder, creator and muscle at Emerson Fields. What Amelia dreams up, Steve makes a reality. Amelia also handles the business side of things and will be the one to give you a tour of the venue. Anytime we’re with these two incredibly real and fun people, we have a blast! You won’t regret having them be part of your day! 🙂

I don’t want this post to be all about what I think, so I’ve asked Amelia to share more about Emerson Fields, how it came to be, and their dream for it.

“EF began with a vision we had of creating a place that was beautiful, offered all of the BIG amenity items needed, incorporated a phenomenal back-up (inclement weather) option for the ceremony and had a relaxed atmosphere for couples and their guests.  We knew, after planning weddings for all three of our daughters, helping/planning weddings for our friend’s daughters and years in the wedding photography business, that building a venue that took out the worry and weather-related guesswork would be a big hit.  

We are a husband and wife team and we have been in the business of creating heartwarming spaces for over 20 years.  (New home construction, remodeling, church renovations, flipping homes) Amelia also has over 8 years of experience in wedding photography.  Combine the hardworking skills to build unique and beautiful spaces, with an eye for how it will photograph, and you’ve got an ideal duo for running a wedding venue!

I (Amelia) knew it would be important to design a space that would photograph well, rain or shine. We set out from the very beginning, June 1, 2017, to create Emerson Fields with the photographs of our couples foremost in our minds.

Our first wedding was in May of 2018.  It took us 11 months to construct the main venue and the following summer, 2019, we built the outdoor open-air-pavilion.

Our focus is on one couple per weekend, giving them, and their friends and family, TIME to be together.  Our most valuable asset isn’t the building or it’s contents, it’s our time.  Treasure your time here as you’re celebrating – as you’re decorating and laughing together – as you dance the night away.  We aren’t trying to shotgun you through the celebration to move on to the next wedding.  We want you to cherish this weekend forever.

Since our country has been experiencing a viral pandemic, we have adjusted our business model to also include custom rental quotes.  We work with each couple to find out their needs and offer EF for shorter time periods and for smaller crowds.  Most of these micro-weddings happen here on a Sunday evening or weekday but they are so meaningful and fun!

Where you get married doesn’t make you any more or less married.  At the end of your wedding day you will be married.  Goal accomplished.

What does make a difference about your ceremony and reception location then?  Your wedding day location will be one of the most important pieces in the planning puzzle.  The venue will set the tone and feel for the entire day.  The venue should let your style shine through and facilitate the wedding day of your dreams.

If you are looking for a tailored ceremony and personalized celebration that focuses on your love for one another, then you are looking for Emerson Fields.

We are here to help brides and grooms host an unforgettable day that’s celebrated with family and friends.”

Enjoy a tour of this gorgeous Missouri wedding venue, Emerson Fields, below. And if you’re interested in inquiring with them, be sure to check out their website here!


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