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Danny & Kait | A Beautiful Engagement Shoot

With every engagement shoot we get to hear so many fun and amazing stories. Stories of how they met, how the proposal happened and all the unique little anecdotes in between. But most importantly, we get to meet the beautiful couples behind the stories. This Sunday, we had the privilege of sharing in Danny and Kait’s love story, so I feel like the best way to describe this gorgeous engagement session is to just start at the beginning.

Danny and Kait first met on a blind date, each trying to help out a friend. They had no idea that this first date was the beginning of forever. As time passed and they grew closer, Danny knew he wanted to ask for Kait’s hand in marriage. So he started with asking her father, mother and grandfather for their blessing. He was rewarded with three “yeses.”

Finally, the big day arrived, and Danny took Kait on a tour of the Saint Louis Zoo. The two walked hand in hand, enjoying the sights and sounds of all the animals,  and eventually arriving at the sea lion exhibit where Danny had something special planned. As they watched the sea lions play and perform, one of the sea lions grabbed a frisbee and brought it straight to Kait! Written on the frisbee was Danny’s proposal. Kait was ecstatic and so surprised she was left nearly speechless! But thankfully she was able to get out a YES!

Now, as they stand in the doorway of the Ruins in Tower Grove Park, Danny pulls Kait in close and gently kisses her temple. Kait, unable to hold back, lets out a cute little giggle. This was a common scene with these two throughout the photoshoot. They are clearly so happy together which made for such a fun and beautiful session!

Danny & Kait, we so loved our time with you on Sunday for your engagement shoot and being able to get to know you better! We are so excited for your wedding in July! Enjoy your preview! 🙂

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