Wedding Day Tips

If you’re like most brides, planning your wedding day timeline is something that can cause undue stress and leave you wondering where to start or how to plan. Today I want to give you some helpful guidance for when you begin to think about and plan your wedding timeline. Before breaking down your timeline, decide […]


You want your wedding to be everything you ever imagined. You also never want to get to the end of your day and wish you had done one thing (even if it’s small) differently. This is how we feel about an unplugged ceremony. It’s a small change, but one we feel can make a big […]


Should you do a first look or go the traditional route? Why or why not? Today we’re talking about the differences between the two! We would love your input, so if you’ve already gone through this decision-making process, be sure to comment and tell us what route you went and what spurred that decision. 🙂 […]


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