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I’m excited to start a new blog series that will be featuring different businesses! Some will be related to wedding venues/vendors, but others will just be businesses we love! I’m so excited to have Jo Custom Cosmetics start it all off! If you haven’t heard me talk about her on Instagram, Jo Custom Cosmetics is a Missouri based business that sells quality makeup that is 100% natural—something that is super hard to come by these days!

I’ve known Joanna (the owner of JCC) since we were little girls and went to church together. I love that she’s a wife and mom, while also being a very successful businesswoman! I have loved watching her business grow and I’m so excited to see where it leads her in the next several years!

I asked Joanna a few questions to have her share more about her business and so you can hear from her!

How did your business get started? 
I had a lot of health issues and my doctor encouraged me not to use typical cosmetics and personal care products because most are filled with toxins and endocrine disrupters, but in my search for healthier makeup I never seemed to find a good, healthy option that looked good for more than 5 minutes after it was applied! One friend got tired of me complaining about my problem of no truly good makeup options and challenged me to create a solution (I may have literally laughed out loud and told her I could never do something like that!) Through a funny turn of events and a lot of help from a friend I excitedly and nervously started JCC. 
What are you passionate about others knowing about your business?
I’m passionate about people knowing what’s in the products they use on their bodies, and that there are quality, natural options out there! There are thousands of toxic chemicals allowed and used in cosmetics and personal care products. Just because something has a label like Natural, Vegan or Organic doesn’t mean it’s good for you. With all my products I strive to go beyond just removing harmful ingredients, but also infusing each product with as many nutrient rich ingredients as possible! For example, our foundations have ground pearl powder in them because it’s a powerhouse of nutrients for your skin! 
Are you looking to continue to grow your business and if so, what does that look like?
Yes, I would love to expand my skincare line and get more wholesale accounts set up with local stores. Currently, with COVID-19 going on, I decided to get creative and make a lip balm kit that people could do at home as a fun activity while quarantined and make their own custom color lip balms. It’s popularity basically exploded overnight and they’re selling out within hours of every release. So currently I’m working on bunch more of those for another release in a couple weeks! 
Share something about you and your family that is unrelated to your business.
My husband and I both are very interested in health and love spending time outside together! Many summer evenings you can find us chasing our toddler on his adventures around our yard, taking a walk, or working in our garden.
What’s it like being a wife, mom and now business owner?
I love the quote – “Nothing worth having comes easy!” Being a wife, mom, and business owner is in no way easy, but I love it and each of those areas bring me so much joy and fulfillment! On a practical level, it often means working as fast as I can in my office during my toddler’s naptime, or staying up late chatting business with my husband and bouncing a hundred of my new ideas off him. My husband is incredibly supportive of my business and I wouldn’t be able to juggle so many things if it wasn’t for his support and encouragement! 
Anything else you would like to share?
If you’re wanting to eliminate more toxins from your life, but it seems overwhelming to try and switch out all your products, just choose one category each month to work on – one month could be home-cleaning products, then cosmetics, then shampoos and lotions, etc. – it makes it much less daunting, and may even become a fun project!


If you’re interested in purchasing some of Joanna’s products, be sure to check out her website here. If you’re new to Jo Custom Cosmetics, use my code HILLARYS10 for 10% off your first order! Joanna is on Instagram and shares a lot of her new products she’s releasing, so be sure to check her out here as well!

Also, Joanna’s sister, Ruth, (Ruth Susanna Photography), gets all photo credit for the images. These are just stunning and perfectly showcase JCC’s makeup line!


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