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Atchley Park Mini Session with Aleyna

I have known Aleyna for almost 5 years now. She lived in Texas and I lived in Missouri, but we met in Kenya. She was working at Naomi’s Village and I ended up living there for two months. We hit it off pretty quick and I’m not sure what exactly drew us together except that we both had a huge love for the people of Kenya, the culture, and everyone at Naomi’s Village. We would spend our mornings in the baby room, laughing over the fact that we knew the same musicals and would sing to the babies. The afternoons would be spent chasing around the kids and entertaining them. Weekends were spent taking the girls’ braids out, filling balloons for water fights, and loving on the kids as if we had known them all our life. Our evenings at the house, we spent singing Christmas songs and making brownies and no bake cookies on multiple occasions. She would put up with my silliness and would laugh at my random dancing on the trail back to the house. We were always together during those two months there. I have so many happy memories that she is a part of!

We met up earlier this week to visit as she was on vacation with her family. We talked for hours over coffee and managed to squeeze in some pictures, even though we forgot to get a picture with the two of us. 😉

Aleyna is preparing to spend her summer in Serra Leone where God has called her to serve for the next two months. She is amazing with children and serving the orphans there is where her heart is. She may only be going for the summer this time, but God has placed it on her heart to serve there long-term and she is thrilled. She has a servant heart and those children will be so loved by her.

Aleyna, I love your serving heart and how you always want to follow the Lord’s leading wherever that may take you. You have such an amazing opportunity this summer and I’m so excited for you! For now though, enjoy your little preview. 🙂


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