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All About Mini Sessions

We are starting to test our hand at doing mini sessions, so I thought I would write a blog on what a mini session is all about and how to prepare and style for one! Mini sessions are great because they provide you with the opportunity to see what a full session will be like, but for roughly half the price. You get some amazing pictures without breaking the bank!  Another benefit is that they usually only last around 15-30 minutes! So, if you have kids (or a husband), they don’t get bored as easily. ;).  These sessions are absolutely perfect for anyone wanting to get a taste of how a photographer works, spend less money, less time, and still get some great portraits.

The Day of Your Mini Session

The biggest thing is, make sure you are on time or early to your session! Because it’s a mini session, if you show up 5-10 minutes late, this eats into your session and you end up only getting 10-15 minutes of session time. That’s huge when we’re talking about photos for Christmas cards and having options to choose from!
To avoid this, be sure and google the exact location if you aren’t sure. Have your photographer give you any special details on the location. If it’s at a large park, make sure they’ve specified where exactly you need to be.
Even though the session is short, make sure the kids have eaten beforehand. And surprise them with a treat for after the session. Maybe everyone goes out for ice cream afterwards if the kids do well. Or whatever it is that your kids love!

What Do You Wear?

Unlike a full session, you only get to wear one outfit. With our full sessions, we encourage our couples to bring a more casual outfit and then one super nice outfit. With a mini session, you can decide whether to dress up or come more causal. We’re always going to encourage dressing up because it’s not every day you get photos done. And it’s just fun to get all fancy for photos! But, we understand that is not always everyone’s style. With that being said, here are some ideas to keep in mind when coordinating outfits and deciding on what to wear.

Ladies & Girls

  • Whether you’re going causal or dressy, choose more neutral colors. Pastels are gorgeous in photos! Try to avoid neon colors, or anything too bright and colorful. Those bright colors can reflect back into your face and that’s something we want to avoid.
  • While jeans are perfect if that’s what your style is and what you want to wear, I encourage you to wear that cute dress or skirt! Dresses and skirts are flattering on any body type and look just amazing in photos. Or dress up your jeans and wear heels for a totally different look!
  • For young girls, having them wear dresses can be super adorable and matching it with a flower crown is endearing and elegant. For ladies, use that jewelry you love and those heels to spice up your outfit!

Men and Boys

  • Just like the girls, guys should wear more neutral or pastel colors. Just as we don’t want bright colors reflecting on the girl’s face, we don’t want to on his either!
  • I know guys like their jeans, so just dress them up a little with a button down. Avoid t-shirts with words or slogans. Pair a vest with jeans or slacks with brown shoes to really make an outfit be more causal but stylish!
  • Young boys can dress similar to dad by avoiding t-shirts and instead going for a button down.

Coordinating Outfits

  • Times have changed, and it is no longer stylish for a family to all wear matching outfits. That being said, coordinating your outfits is still a good idea! And, little girls in matching outfits is pretty cute! 😉  So, if mom is wearing a blue dress, her main color is blue. Dad could wear a white shirt with a blue tie (white being his main color with a blue accent). The kids can also mix and match as well with accent colors being what a main color is. This way everyone fits together well and has their own style and color!


If you’re still curious how to coordinate outfits and colors that go well together, check out our Pinterest board here on “What To Wear”!

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