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Aaron & Brianna | A Beautiful Country Wedding

A cool, fall breeze nips at the groom’s face as he stands just in front of the arbor eagerly awaiting his bride. It’s clear that Aaron does not feel the cold. His eyes sparkle with joy and his heart is full of warmth as the music starts to play and Brianna begins her walk down the aisle. The scene is like one out of a fairy tale. It is a picturesque, country yard filled with white chairs all in perfect rows. Every seat is taken and more friends and family are standing in the back. The arbor sits right along the edge of Aaron’s family’s pond. A floating dock that Aaron built with Brianna and his family is gently bobbing in the water behind them. Sitting on the dock is a tribute to family members who have passed. Nearby is a beautiful wooden display draped with three cords of braided rope and the words of Ecclesiastes 4:12 written in flowing calligraphy. As Brianna arrives at Aaron’s side, both are glowing with joy. The ceremony is picture perfect, and as Aaron kisses his new bride, the crowd erupts into cheers!!

Many greetings and congratulations were given to the two as the attendants made their way from the venue to the reception tent. Once Aaron and Brianna had spent a few moments with their guests, they slipped away and prepared for a quick photo session, just the two of them. I realized that this was going to be an adventure as soon as I heard the rumble of an engine and someone yell out, “everyone in the UTV!” As Brianna snatched up the train on her dress and climbed in, Hillary and I followed suit and joined an exciting outdoor excursion to some beautiful locations, with some of the most amazing views and lighting we have ever seen. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Toutloian, I hope you enjoy this preview as much as we enjoyed your wedding. Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day!


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