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A Small Gift With a Big Impact

We have talked before about how important marriage is and how we want to invest in each of our couple’s lives more than just by photographing their wedding. You can read that blog post here. One way we go about that, is by giving them a blank notebook. Yes, you read that right. We give our couples a small, brown notebook with lines of empty space.

This idea came to me one day as I was thinking of a small gift we could give to clients who meet with us about their wedding. I wanted something that would have a huge impact, even though it seemed small at the time.

Grant and I had been reading through “Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything for Your Marriage” and the idea was inspired by that book. The purpose behind this book is to learn what the word “cherish” really means and how we can cherish our spouse. Grant and I highly recommend this book to any engaged or married couple. It is just amazing. We tend to know what it means to love our spouse, but truly cherishing them is another story all together.

There’s nothing impressive about these blank notebooks. But hopefully, after one year of marriage, our couples will have written 365 days worth of reasons why they love and are thankful for their spouse. It may not seem like much, but we believe that even something as small as a daily reminder of why we love our spouse can have amazing benefits. So, on the days when life is a little rough and you argue or have a disagreement, go write down why you love your spouse, or how thankful you are for them. Instead of reinforcing negativity, it can in turn breed gratitude and love for that person. It’s hard to stay upset with someone when you’re genuinely writing down ways you love them. 🙂

So, today, I have a challenge for you all! I want to challenge those of you who are married or engaged to start a little notebook and write about your spouse for the next 365 days. Then, after those days are up, swap books and read what the other has written. My love language may not be “Words of Affirmation”, but I can’t wait to read what Grant has written about me! And yes, we’re doing it right now. 🙂

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