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Christmas Family Photos 2019

When your family is large, it’s basically a miracle when almost everyone is together. This Christmas, we spent a lot of time with my family, and even though we’re loud and crazy, I love how much everyone enjoys being together. There was a lot of coffee involved, a whole lot of sweets and even more laughter (maybe partially due to being over-caffeinated and high on sugar). 😉

As I look at our family photo, I see the two in the middle who have created this legacy. When my parents got married they had no idea what or where their life together would lead them. God has written a story that is more beautiful, unique and more powerful than I think my parents could’ve ever imagined when they first were newlyweds. Mom and Dad have dealt with loss and suffering, but through it all they showed us kids that living for Christ and glorifying Him is the only way to truly live and find happiness.

Not only are my parents a great example of what it means to follow Christ and raise us to know who He is, they also show what a marriage should look like. One that is full of love, respect, grace, mercy and forgiveness. They never argue and you will never hear them say anything remotely negative about the other. They have learned how to truly love each other and it’s all because of Christ. I’m so thankful that all of us kids got to see that example daily growing up!

So this Christmas, I was especially thankful for time with family and how we were almost (my sister and her family were unable to come) all together. I’m also thankful that this year Christmas happened to be abnormally warm (60 degrees!) for family photos, as opposed to two years ago when it was 20 degrees. This year we causally went outside and everyone got into position and were able to get multiple photos with lots of behind the scenes shots of kids playing and having fun. Two years ago (when it was 20 degrees) we got everyone into their spot inside the house and told them to remember that position, then drove out to the field. Everyone waited in the warm cars until Grant and I were all set up and ready, then everyone piled out of the vehicle, ran to their spot and we got the photo. Honestly I think we only got two large family photos and then called it good. 😉

Enjoy meeting my family! 🙂

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